Our Story

Long-established Printing Company in Colchester & Chelmsford, Essex

James (Co-founder) has always been into his photography from a very young age. At the aged of just 6 years old he purchased his first camera from the bargain bucket at the local cash converters. Since then he has been hooked. At the age of 16 after studying photography at school James got his first job in the local photo processing store. This taught him many valuable skills and assisted him in his A-Level Photography. To progress his knowledge further he then studied Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth.  After university James then worked with many photographers in London gaining more industry knowledge and understanding of what the even most demanding clients require from a printers.

Jon (Co-founder) has a background in sales & marketing and studied Advertising & Brand Management at University in Manchester. Jon has a great understanding when it comes to what, we as a company, want to achieve with our customer experience. We want to be the expert in our area and not the normal run of the mill photo processor. We only invest in the very best equipment, and colour management process, making sure that our prints stand out amongst the crowd.

The mixture of formal photography tuition, the background of the photo store and marketing helps us understand what the customer wants and then what it needs to exceed their expectations. We aim to produce everything to the highest possible standard with a keen eye for detail in every process we do. We believe in investing in people, all our staff are trained to a very high level and continue to learn with us, when new technology pushes forwards. We are a forward thinking company, always looking to new technologies that will offer our customers something unique and exciting.”