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Essex Photography Prize 2023 Create

Essex Photography Prize Winners 2022

At the Essex Photography Prize we have been blown away by the diverse mix of styles and the amazingly high level of work submitted.  With over 900 entries is was a very hard task to pick the final 40 images which have been short-listed.  When picking the finalists we weren’t look for people with the fanciest equipment but images that told us a story and showed us passion for photography.  We are proud to show the finalists and winners below.

Click on images to see full uncropped versions.

Watch the awards video click here!

Fashion and Commercial


Colin Watkins

David Saunders

Krystal Hockley

Matthew Chapman

Nicola Parry

Stuart Clapp

Vic Damhar

Category Winner

Jeff Scott



Cheryl Minton

Daniel Goody

Matt Williams

Michael Perkins

Nicholas Buggey

Simon Dando

Stuart Clapp


Richard March

Portraiture and Documentary


Anselm Gallagher

Jacob Elijah Blue McDowall

Jen Hayden

Michael Parfitt

Ricky Bolton

Stuart Clapp

Vic Damhar


Evan Eksteen

Still Life


Callie Poston

Dawid Glawdzin

Helen Gray

Jack Briggs Miller

Netty Cracknell

Nicholas Buggey

Peter Batchelor


Ben Knapp



Andrew Neal

Catherine Holmes

Damien Demolder

Max Leggett

Paul Burford

Steve Faiers

Tracy Vine


Martin Wagdin

Overall Winner!

Damien Demolder

Awards Evening

Fantastic Turnout at our Awards Evening

Our awards evening this year was attended by over 100 people, it was so great to see so many of you.