Fine Art Printing at Blue Sky Printing

At Blue Sky Printing a large part of what we do is Fine Art Printing also known as Giclée printing.  This means that we only use the highest quality inks and papers to give you an archival quality print.  We can also help you in our stores to advise on what media is going to fit your image the best.   Understanding our customer expectations and also wanting to exceed them is at the base of what we do.  Producing small quantities to bulk amounts of fine art prints.  If your putting on an exhibition.  We can also offer a consultation service.  Where we can also help you plan out how your images are going to be positioned on the walls.

Fine art printing in colchester and chelmsford

As a certified print studio for Hahnemühle we have proved that we are producing fine art prints at a very high standard to be given this prestigious certification.  We work in a fully colour managed environment and can also provide mounting services onto dibond, foamex and acrylic.  For more information about our mounting services please pop in store, email or call us.

We have a range of Hahnemühle papers including: Fine Art Baryta, PhotoRag, Pearl and German Etching.  Also we stock a wide range of alternative papers by other well known manufacturers.  For more information on Hahnemühle papers please visit their website where you can find specifications on all the papers we stock.


To order your fine art prints click here….

Top 5 Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

Father’s day is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be the big day… Sunday 19th June.  See below for our top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas.

It’s one of those occasions when we try to show our dads how grateful we are.  After all, they do a lot for us… From DIY around the house that we wouldn’t have a clue how to do alone, to always being there for a cuppa when we need a chat. Dads a pretty super people and sometimes it’s a struggle to think of what gift to get them. Its hard to say “Thanks for everything” with yet another pair of socks or pack of novelty golf tees.  This year, why don’t you show him you really care by turning his favourite photo into something for the wall at home or a photo gift for his office.  Here are our top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Canvas Print

Prices from £22 and ready in just 1 hour.

Turn your dad’s favourite picture into a stunning canvas print. Professionally hand stretched on solid pine frames, these prints come ready to hang and won’t fade in sunlight. So he will be able to enjoy this Father’s Day gift for many years come. If I had to choose a photo to put onto canvas for my dad then it would be this one…

He had just been awarded an MBE in recognition of his Charity work within the Scouting Association. We were all so proud of him that day.

  1. Aluminium Print

Prices from £65 and ready in 90 mins (Chelmsford) and Next Day (Colchester).

For unrivaled image quality and durability, make his day the best ever with a photo onto our new HD Chromaluxe Aluminium Prints. They really do have to been seen to believe how incredible they look. 1mm thin aluminium with a high gloss finish, comes ready to hang with a premium aluminium sub-frame. Extremely durable and the high gloss effect makes photos almost come to life, like you are looking through a window. Shhhh… This year I am getting my dad an aluminium… (don’t tell him!). It’s going to be of this view that we looked out onto one night while on a family holiday camping in the Australian outback.

incredible image of starry night over Australia - perfect for Chromaluxe Aluminium

It was such a clear sky that night… So clear in fact that we even saw the Milky Way (in the center of the photo.)

  1. Personalised Photo Mug

Just £10 and only takes 20 minutes to make.

For a simple gift that he can use and enjoy every day then a personalised photo mug is for you. Our mugs are 11oz so are slightly larger than the normal photo mugs you might see elsewhere. He won’t even need to get his hand dirty cleaning it as it is dishwasher & microwave safe. My dad likes a laugh on his tea break so I would put this photo on the mug.

Funny Photo for a Photo Mug

It was when I was just 6 years old and thought it would be a good idea to get my head stuck in a chair so I didn’t have to go to school. My dad eventually had to saw the chair in half to free me, not before taking this priceless photo first of course.

  1. Personalised Photo Slate

From £25 and ready in just 1 hour.

This is a really popular choice for Father’s Day as it’s goes great in an office of man cave (aka the shed). The earthly, natural slate material will remind him constantly that he needs to fix that roof or retile the bathroom. They come with a stand to make displaying the slate really easy. I think he would like this image on a slate. As with a lot of special photos, they sometimes don’t mean much to others like they do to you. This one is no exception.

Dad working in his shed - ideal for a Personalised Photo Slate

This is my dad getting on with one of his first projects in his new workshop that he built himself.  I know that he was so happy in this photo and it would look great in his workshop for years to come.

  1. VHS to DVD Conversion

Priced at £15 a tape (discounted to £10 a tape for orders of 10 tapes or more).

What better way to spend Father’s Day evening that by watching videos of your dad and your when he still had all his hair and you still could sit on his shoulders. Using professional machines we transfer your home videos onto DVD, ensuring that they can be watched time and time again. VHS technology can deteriorate so its best to convert them before it’s too late.

So that sums up our top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas for this year.  Hopefully you have some great ideas now instead of just another pair of novelty socks. Don’t forget, we can take your photos straight from your phone, prints, negatives, slides, memory cards, USB or however else you may have them. Pop in to see us either in the Meadows Shopping Centre Chelmsford or on Sir Isaacs Walk, Colchester.  You can also order Canvas & Aluminium prints on our website


Stunning ChromaLuxe Aluminium Prints

Here at Blue Sky Printing we love our ChromaLuxe aluminum prints.  These are printed using a dye sublimation process where ink gets heated to around 200 degrees, turns to a gas then goes into the coating on the aluminium sheet.  The result is a very sharp print with incredible tonal range.

Wall art aluminium prints

Why ChromaLuxe?

Make a lasting visual impact on your audience with ChromaLuxe superior aluminium prints. Using dye sublimation, ChromaLuxe printing provides high-definition, durable photo panels that will preserve images for generations to come. Instead of printing images directly on a surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the coating to provide permanent protection. Showcase your professional photographs or artwork in a way that will impress your audience like never before.


different uses of aluminium prints

Why buy from Blue Sky Printing?

We have been printing on aluminum for a long time and know how much our customers love them.  The richness of the colour and tones that can be achieved with this type of process far exceeds that of many other print mediums.  Chromaluxe prints are not to be confused with what some other companies call “Aluminium Prints”.  Which are in fact aluminium composite board with a print mounted on to it.  These do not give the same effect as our 1.4mm thick dye sublimation Chromaluxe prints.

Close up Chromaluxe

Our prints are also finished off with an aluminium sub frame on the back to keep them perfectly flat on the wall.  This also gives them the effect that they are floating.  The sub frame also makes them super easy to attach to the wall with any normal picture hanging hook, nail or screw.


Chromaluxe aluminium prints


There are many cool ways in which to use Chromaluxe prints, we love this image of a lavender field.  This has been split to create a triptych.  But why stop at three sections.  We’ve done many before when someone wants images split into four or even five pieces.


divided into more


You can either order your ChromaLuxe print on our website here or in store in either Chelmsford or Colchester.

If you would like to know more about ChromaLuxe prints check out their website:

Interview with Artist Jack Browning

We like to take the time to get to know our customers that little bit better. We have been producing fine art prints for a very talented artist called Jack Browning. Jack’s very unique style is instantly recognisable and is such a pleasure when we get to see his latest works. We wanted to know a bit more about the man behind the paintings, so we went to meet him in his studio and this is what he had to say.


Jack browing


When people ask you what you “do”, how do you answer?

I normally start with telling them I just colour things in! Otherwise, I say that I’m a creator who tries to make my audience feel SOMETHING. Whether that’s nostalgia, hate, love, familiarity with someone or something I’ve painted…whatever that is; if somebody is moved by what I create then my job has been done.

How do you select the people that your do portraits of?

I like anybody or anything with a story to tell. If I find somebody interesting, be it their personality or their story, etc, I want to try and introduce them to you through a painting. I do this by trying to make informed choices of colour and form but really, it’s more organic and more honest if I just switch off and don’t think about it too much.


Jack Browning Artist


Have you ever considered doing a self portrait? And if so, what would you like to convey with that?

I finished a self-portrait just after my 19th birthday last year. I was struggling with my depression and trying to find my footing and my place where I was. I thought by reflecting on my life through my own face was probably a good way to maybe not deal outright with my problems, but to make sense of them.

I made it a rule that I’d do one every year at around the same time and I’ve just finished my second. I feel I’m in a better place this year and the brighter colours contrast last year’s. It’s a great way of mapping my own journey.

Technically they’re useful too; I have to study and find new things in something I initially thought I knew everything about. Plus you see your imperfections and a good artist shouldn’t hide those.



What is your technical process when creating one of your portraits?

Up until a few months ago I exclusively used a grid system which is a really accurate and methodical way of getting things right proportionally.

BUT I realised that I was focusing too much on trying to get the grid right and not what I had to paint in front of me, so I ditched it.

Now I use a great colour called Burnt Sienna to sketch out all areas of shadow and the features of a face.

Then I’ll build on that and add in particular highlights, using white, ocres and classic hues of the primary colours.

It all comes together when I put my brave pants on and start adding darker colours and bringing it all together.

The glitchiness that people associate with my art happens last – it’s a weird way of expressing an energy in the piece and I doubt I’ll ever be able to explain that – I’ve tried to believe me. A lot of classic art lovers often ask “what the hell did you do that for?!”


Jack Browning Artist


Are you the only artistic one in your family?

My Mum who I’m real close to has always been creative. She says she isn’t and that she’s good at crafts, but it’s all creative and someone who can create awesome crafty objects is just as credible as someone who can create photo realistic paintings. I think I exist somewhere in between those.

Is there something you are currently working on, or are excited about?

I’m currently planning my first solo show which will take place in Chelmsford later this year. I’m putting together a series on the Old West in America and the wars that I read about. I’m massively into history and I’ve yet to meld art with that – I’m excited to see what happens there.

I’m also trying to expand my cityscape portfolio. When I’m touring in the various bands I play in, I’m always snapping photos.

What would you like to put in Room 101, to rid it from the world.

I think personally, the bias that artists and creative people face. The whole “get a real job!” mentality. Whilst my stresses and anxieties and late nights and long hours aren’t about my next financial target for example, they’re just as valid as anybody else’s. I work just as hard as the next guy, just in different ways.

On the grand scale though, I want to rid the world of xenophobia. The truth is that borders and patriotism is nonsense – we need to get rid of the whole us and them mentality. It’s always been silly but maybe necessary in the earliest times of man, but it’s so redundant now and is largely only destructive. It brings out the worst in people.


Jack Browning Artist


Why do you use Blue Sky Printing?

It’s amazingly cheap for the quality of work you guys put out. I put my name to my work so that if it is wrong or sub par it’s all on me. It’s great that you guys are rightfully so confident in your work that you will do that for my orders too.

Plus the team are so friendly and helpful; no task is too much effort for anyone here.


Thanks Jack for a great interview.  You can find more of his work and how to buy prints on his website:

We’re Hiring, Vacancy at Blue Sky Printing Chelmsford

Blue Sky Printing was formed over 3 years ago and has been going from strength to strength.  We are a highstreet photo printers based in the Meadows Shopping Centre Chelmsford and in the town centre in Colchester.  Our business is based on fantastic high quality products and great service to match.  We have a vacancy for a new enthusiastic team members to join us.

If you have a passion for photography and have great customer service skills, we want to hear from you!  We are very flexible when it comes to hours however being able to work on Saturdays is essential as it is our busiest day.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a ground breaking brand that is leading the way in which photo retail is presented and run.  We are looking for people with great energy that will share our vision and help us maintain the incredible experience our customers enjoy.

We offer full on the job training which is a great way of expanding your knowledge and skills within photography.

Please email your CV to

Or use our contact us page.

job vacancy chelmsford

Colchester See Our Amazing New Store

We are pleased to announce that we now have another store in Colchester town centre. We are located on Sir Isaacs Walk near Culver Square shopping centre. We are really happy with the way our Colchester store looks. You can expect the same great service and high quality products we have always offered our customers.


We now offer Direct to Garment printing. This is a process where our printer will print directly onto any cotton based fabric. This gives you great flexibility when it comes to designs and a truly profession look to the t-shirt. We have invested in the Epson SC-F2000, known as being the leading printer in the DTG marketplace.

Fast Service

As well as these new services.  Our Colchester store will be offering same day service on canvas printing, photo gifts and high quality photographic printing.  We will also be offering our amazing Chromaluxe Aluminium prints on a very quick 24hr turnaround.

same day t-shirt printing
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It’s All About You

As you can see from the images above we really have created an environment that enhances our customers experience.   When it comes to choosing the best choice of media for your precious photos look no further.  Whether you are a professional photographer or someone that loves getting that perfect photo on their phone.  You will get all the advice and help you need to create the perfect print with Blue Sky Printing.